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Why Should I Talk To Coyote and Think About Linux?
(Let's see, why shouldn't you?)

Once Coyote talked to Magpie. Magpie said she couldn't use linux, because it was going to be too hard and wouldn't have enough applications. Coyote thought she was wrong about that.
And others agreed with him.

Magpie said she needed some applications that would only run on Windows.
Coyote said that wasn't a problem.

Magpie said her employees were used to using Windows and OSX and she didn't want to confuse them and force them to learn a new system. "Of course you don't!" said Coyote, "We're not going take their environments away from them. We're only going to use linux where it makes sense and actually makes peoples lives easier. There's lots of things we can do with print servers and fileshares and VPNs and virtual machines and such."

Magpie said she wasn't clever or smart enough to run linux. "Of course you are," said Coyote, "Being challenged and confused and frustrated with computers doesn't mean you aren't clever or smart. I've helped doctors and physicists and multi millionaire entrepreneurs with their computers when they were challenged and confused and frustrated. Do you think they are not clever? I will help you understand in a way that is easy."

Magpie said she thought linux might need more work and so would be more expensive. "When I put in linux for people who used Windows, they call me less than they had to call their Windows consultants," Coyote told her, "Because things just work the way they're supposed to. I have references."

Magpie said she would think about it. "You should!" said Coyote.