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Who is Coyote?

Coyote is a canine mammal, native to North America and similar in appearance to a small, brown wolf. He is a mythological figure in American folklore. His stories are many and varied. Sometimes he plays the role of the creator, sometimes the trickster, sometimes the wise one and sometimes the buffoon or fool who is the butt of a joke or who's attempts to be clever get him into trouble. He often has a malleable body, for instance he may be able to remove his eyes and have them still function. He may use this in clever schemes and yet have it backfire on him.

The stories about Coyote on this site are all based on the real life experiences of a guy named Ian Kelly who likes to wander around the western US and who has worked as a small business IT consultant for the last seventeen years.

That's me!

I am a wandering story teller with a passion and enthusiasm for helping people implement open source alternatives in a small business setting. Like Coyote, I am clever, and I am on a personal mission to use my cleverness to free the world from Microsoft, one little bite sized piece at a time. I honestly believe the world becomes a little brighter every time someone decommissions a Windows server.

I believe that many small businesses can benefit from turning to linux and FOSS (that's Free and Open Source Software) for their IT solutions, and I'd love to tell you about how. In fact, I can probably talk about it for longer than you'd care to listen to me, so don't hesitate to cut me off if I do.

You can email me at if you'd like to talk about linux. You can also ask me questions and I might respond with wisdom or with tomfoolery, but I will take your questions seriously.

Other Linux Animals

Coyote does not exist in an empty world. In mythology, all his adventures include other animals, many of whom are his allies and companions. Similarly, lots of people like to run linux and some of them, like Coyote, like to help others with linux. Together, we make up a team of skilled, experienced linux problem solvers and troubleshooters who are here because all of us care about helping people and having fun while we do it.


Raccoon is clever and mischievous. He likes shiny things like voxels and 3d rendering software, which Charlie Whetsel writes in his spare time. Charlie also has years of experience in enterprise level *nix systems administration in large data center environments. Like Raccoon, Charlie also likes to explore and invent. You can reach Charlie at

Charlie building a monkey hut.

Keanan being awesome!

Bear is thoughtful, slow to anger and solid. He is strong and confident in his abilities, able to use his patience and analysis to help others find easy ways to do things by building powerful tools that are easy to use. Like Bear, Keanan Smith is thoughtful, analytical and creative, with a strong understanding of scripting languages and years of experience as a software developer and with explaining the software he develops to its users in a simple and easy way. You can reach Keanan at