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Why Coyote Runs OSX

Once a hipster came to see Coyote. "You should run OSX," said the hipster.

Coyote scratched his head. "Why would I do that?" he asked, "I'm running linux and linux is awesome!"

"OSX is like linux," said the hipster, "It's just shinier and comes in a more expensive box."

"So," said Coyote, "by running it, I'd just be paying more to run shinier linux?"

"Kinda," said the hipster, "It's not really linux. It's BSD."

Coyote knew BSD and had used it before. "BSD is not linux," he said, "It is similar, but not the same. I do like BSD, especially when security is an issue."

"Yeah," said the hipster, "It's not really BSD. It's Darwin."

Coyote shook his head. "So. . . it's really not linux."

"Nope," said the hipster, "But it's a lot like it!"

"So why would I pay more money to run something that is a lot like something I can get for free?"

"I know!" said the hipster, "It's so ironic! Also, you can be less conformist by having a shiny computer that has the big apple logo on it! Which is ironic for being conformist while not conforming."

"This is silly!" said Coyote, "and being Coyote, I do like silly things!"

Which is why Coyote built this whole website on a MacBook. Even though most of Coyote's computers still run linux.

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