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Why Coyote Built a Magic Box

A great explorer merchant came to Coyote from across the Western ocean. "I have an idea!" he said, "An android app for explorers! I would like you to build it!" "I can do that," said Coyote, "I will use Cordova."

Cordova is a way to build Android apps but with JavaScript. It's kind of like React Native, the way a train is kind of like a truck. Way more people drive trucks then trains, but Coyote is weird and clever.

"This app uses GPS and account data," Coyote told the merchant explorer, "I will need a place to put it, a server, and that server will have to be clever enough to handle log ins and manage people's journies. . . but wait a moment. It will also have to be strong enough to defend the data from all the bad people who will totally try to steal it."

"And," said Coyote, "it should be able to scale up, if it gets popular." "What do you need?" asked the merchant explorer.

"I'm gonna get three servers," said Coyote, "not one."

Coyote put a magic tool on the servers called Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a cool way to allow the various parts of a "server side" app to replicate themselves as needed, so there can be more and more copies (called instances) of the parts as more and more people use it. You could imagine it like all the servers are combined into one server. . . and that server is like a magic box you can create more and more of the pieces you need inside as you need them.

The point of this story is that Coyote knows how to use docker and kubectl and how to edit yaml files and configure ingress.

Now Coyote would like an excuse to play with Terraform. Please give him one.

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