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How Racoon Caught Rat

Once there was a merchant who moved goods to and from a small warehouse. Of course Rat kept sneaking into the warehouse parking lot at night and trying to steal some of the goods, or even break into the warehouse. Rat wasn't all that successful, and the merchant saw his tracks all over in the mornings. "Curse this Rat," said the merchant, "We must do something!"

The merchant went to see Raccoon. Like Rat, Raccoon was cunning, and like Coyote, he was clever. The Merchant had heard that Raccoon could solve all kinds of problems using linux.

"Can you solve my problem with Rat?" asked the merchant, "He is making his mess in my parking lot every night trying to steal my things and break into my warehouse." "Probably," said Raccoon. "The trick with Rat is you have to catch him in the act."

Raccoon took a camera and DVR and hooked them together. He built a linux computer and hooked it to the DVR. He showed the merchant how to use the computer to see what the camera had recorded.

That night, Rat came sneaking up to the warehouse and tried to steal a trailer. The camera with the linux machine connected took pictures of the whole thing, catching Rat's whiskery face and scratching little paws. The merchant sent the sheriff to go deal with him and got his trailer back. "Thank you so much Raccoon," said the merchant, "I don't think that Rat will be back here any time soon!"

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