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How Coyote Passed On Wisdom

Once, in very recent years, Coyote worked with a group of bright young artists who were creating beautiful event spaces for people to be in. They were some of Coyote's favorite people that he ever got to work with and they were watched over and protected by a faery godmother.

Coyote put a network system into each event space that was called Ubiquiti. Ubiquiti is a powerful system that allows networks to be scaled up and secured and monitored and administrated remotely. The faery godmother came to Coyote concerned. "You are the only one who understands this system," she said, "this worries me."

"Do not worry," said Coyote, "we are surrounded by smart, talented and clever young people. I will pick two and teach them what I know."

Coyote chose two artists who had shown interest and took them around to the event spaces and had them work with him to install the Ubiquiti systems. One of them took over and managed the installs of two of the systems that were in a different state. They got it done and had fun and Coyote was there to help when they got in over their head.

The point of this story isn't that Coyote had some clever technical skill that he used to solve a hard problem. The point is that Coyote likes working with and teaching clever young people.

There is another story. Many MANY years ago, Coyote worked at an adventure summer camp. Coyote managed a project to migrate a whole bunch of their paper data into a Filemaker Pro database. And later another project to migrate that database into a VERY early Postgres database.

One of the children who attended that camp showed interest and aptitude with the technology they were using. When he was 14, Coyote invited him to come help out.

That was many years ago. That young man is now an iOS developer for Twitter. Coyote is very proud of him.

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