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How Bear Made Magic Tools

Bear is a thoughtful, creative and deliberate fellow who has a gift for making magic with words of power. So he is very good at scripting languages, like perl.

Once, in a time when eBooks were a new idea, Bear went to work with a band of wizards who were turning books into eBooks.

The head wizard was surprised that Bear, with his reputation for being deliberate was the fastest of all the wizards. So he called Bear into his tower to explain his magic.

"You can transform twice as many books as any wizard I know!" said the head wizard, "You must explain this magic to me." "It is an arcane and illusive power," said Bear, "I am really good at a very methodical and deliberate magic language called RegEx. It allows me to make many fixes to a book at once."

The wizard was empressed, because RegEx (Regular Expressions) is somewhat cryptic and difficult for many people to follow. "If only more of our wizards were good at RegEx," said the head wizard, "We could get much more done!"

"We still could," said Bear, "I can create magical tools to help the other wizards be faster." The head wizard wasn't sure. He asked Bear to figure out how much benefit this could actually bring. Bear, being Bear was very thorough. "We could make eBooks at least 25% faster," he told the wizard.

The head wizard had Bear make these tools and gave them to other wizards. Their productivity immediately increased 25%, just as Bear had predicted.

Two moons passed, and the wizards learned to use the tools to their fullest. Their productivity increased a whole 43%! Bear was pleased that he had helped everyone.

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